Policy Networks

How do we bring good ideas to life? The CGC’s public forums and working sessions generate promising new avenues fo research. However, in order to move forward, we also need follow-up. Ideas must be categorized, fine-tuned and put in motion. This is the role of our public policy networks.

Our working session and public forum panelists are invited to join one of the Centre’s four public policy networks:

  1. Economy and Well-Being,
  2. Health and Social Programs,
  3. Citizenship and Diversity,
  4. Public Institutions.

Experts in these networks determine their activities together, which may involve exchanging ideas, drafting public policy briefs, and establishing research collaborations.

In the year following a working session, network members will meet at an annual Conference on Global Challenges. Resulting reports and relevant research materials will be made available online to the general public.

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