Elisabeth Abergel, PhD (York),
Associate Professor of International Studies
Science and research policies, genetically modified organisms, environment

Michael Barutciski, PhD (Paris),
Associate Professor of Multidisciplinary Studies, Graduate Programme Director - MPIA
International law, armed conflicts, refugees, immigration

Christina Clark-Kazak, DPhil (Oxford),
Assistant Professor of International Studies
International aid policy; conflict-induced displacement; political participation; children and young people; research methods; African Great Lakes

Can Erutku, PhD (Laval)
Assistant Professor of Economics
Industrial organization, economics of natural resources and the environment, applied microeconomics, antitrust

Francis Garon, PhD (Montréal),
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Political participation, public policy and administration, state-society relations, Québec and Canadian politics

Ellen Gutterman, PhD (Toronto),
Assistant Professor of Political Science
International relations theory, compliance with international law, international organizations, international political economy, corruption in the global economy

Vincent Hildebrand, PhD (York),
Associate Professor of Economics
Labour economics, microeconomics, public finance, immigration

Alex Himelfarb, PhD (Toronto),
Professor of Sociology, Director of the School of Public and International Affairs, Director of the Centre for Global Challenges

Suzanne Langlois, PhD (McGill)
Associate Professor of History
Modern European history, twentieth century world conflicts, film history

Marc Lesage, PhD (Concordia),
Associate Professor of Sociology
Identity crisis and globalization of social relations, communities and social movements, theories of societies

Willem Maas, PhD (Yale),
Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration.
Comparative politics, European integration, citizenship and migration, sovereignty, nationalism, democratic theory, federalism

Edelgard Mahant, PhD (LSE),
Professor of Political Science
Foreign policy analysis and comparative foreign policy; European integration; comparative regional integration; comparative politics of advanced industrial states.

Ian Martin, PhD (Toronto)
Associate Professor of English
Cuba, indigenous people, multiculturalism and transculturalism, northern Canada, second language education

Kenneth McRoberts, PhD (Chicago),
Professor of Political Science, Principal of Glendon College
Canadian and Québec politics, Canadian federalism, constitutional issues, language policy, stateless nations, comparative politics

Jacinthe Michaud, PhD (Toronto),
Associate Professor of Women’s Studies
Social movements and the feminist movement, feminist theories, analysis of public politics concerning health, social services and the community sector, the sociology of women’s health

Jean-Michel Montsion, PhD (McMaster)
Associate Professor
Global and gateway cities, political geography, roles of ethnic community associations in international political economy, Singapore, Vancouver and northern Canada

Roberto Perin, PhD (Ottawa),
Professor of History
History of Québec, history of immigrants to Canada, history of religion in Canada

Miriam Smith, PhD (Yale),
Professor, Law and Society
Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Canadian & U.S. politics; public policy; public law; social movements; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender policy and politics

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