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Progress Summit: Paths to a New Prosperity(Comments Off)

May 7, 2014

From March 28-30 in Ottawa, the Broadbent Institute held its first annual Progress Summit – a high-profile event that brought together an exciting group of policy experts from across Canada and around the world. Under the theme Paths to a New Prosperity, the Summit explored fairer and more sustainable approaches to building a prosperous 21st [...]

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Alex Himelfarb: More Than a Four Letter Word

In the lead up to Christmas 2005, the then- Conservative Opposition in Ottawa brought forward an intriguing election campaign promise: Stephen Harper stood in front of a cash register and said if elected, the Conservatives would reduce the Goods and Services Tax from 7 to 6, and then to 5%. Harper went on to win [...]

Without a Debate on Taxes, We Risk Sleepwalking into the Future (by Alex and Jordan Himelfarb)

Some months ago, we published a collection of essays designed to promote a discussion of taxes in Canada. The book’s premise is that the current tax conversation is distorted. While we rightly ask of any new policy or program proposal, “what will it cost and how will we pay,” we do not ask of proposed [...]

Saying no to the conjuror’s trick of tax cuts

The CCPA Ontario’s Jennifer Story recently interviewed Alex Himelfarb about his new book  Tax is Not a Four Letter Word  published by WLU Press, co-edited with his son, Jordan, Opinion Editor of The Toronto Star. The interview touches on the desire to get Canadians thinking about taxes in a different way. (The interview first appeared on the [...]

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