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Why Canadians have no time for politics(Comments Off)

October 18, 2013

Samara recently published yet another study showing that Canadians, especially young Canadians, are profoundly disengaged from formal politics.  Not only are citizens voting less and participating less in political parties, they are not writing, reading or even talking with friends about party politics. While many are still donating money and time to causes, they don’t have much [...]

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Canada’s Dangerously Distorted Tax Conversation

We don’t like paying taxes. This is not big news: we don’t much like paying any bills, and there’s probably never been a time when we didn’t grumble in particular about taxes. But somehow “tax” has gone from irritant to four-letter word, not to be uttered in public and certainly not to be discussed favourably [...]


An informal talk to OMSSA’s 2013 Learning Symposium, held in Ottawa, Ontario from June 16 to 19, 2013.  

Qui sera premier ministre de l’Ontario?

Dans moins de trois mois, les Libéraux de l’Ontario se choisiront un nouveau chef, et ce faisant, nommeront le prochain premier ministre de la province. Les responsabilités d’un chef de gouvernement sont vastes et ardues. Elles exigent une rare combinaison de leadership, compétence, empathie et intégrité. Plus que ces qualités personnelles, ce sont pourtant les [...]

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